Palmetto Locksmith – Why Hiring a Professional Locksmith Matters

Steve Butler is the proprietor and operator of Palmetto Locksmith Inc., headquartered in Palmetto, FL. This is an exceptionally reputable locksmith business in Manatee County, Florida. Some of the important services Palmetto Locksmith offers include Custom Lock Installation, Wired & Deadbolt Locks, Hinges Locks, Padlocks, Fax Key Locks, Doorstops, Recessed Keypad Locks, Duplicate Keys, Revolving Doors, Swipe Plates, Combination Pins, Embedded Keycards, Master Keys, Hinges, Side Windows, etc.

Palmetto Locksmith

If you need to have your car locked or home secured and the deadbolt or padlock is not working, then it is highly advisable to contact the owners of any one of the many local locksmiths that are located in the Palmetto area. One of the most reputable locksmith companies in the state is Palmetto Locksmith. This company is very reliable and has been providing excellent locksmith services for both residential and commercial clients for over forty years. They offer both off-site and on-site service, which means that they can either be located right on your property or at a facility that is strategically located. Their on-site services include both new and recycled lock installations, lock replacement, recessed keypad lock installations, and a wide range of other emergency locksmith services. They also offer mobile locksmith services, which allows the customers to have their locksmiths arrive on the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible.

The best thing about Palmetto Locksmith is that they have highly trained employees who can come to any residential or commercial location and provide all of the locking services that they can. They can offer locksmith services such as new and recycled lock installs, keypad lock upgrades, and even emergency lockout services. These highly trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As their name suggests, they can offer all kinds of locksmith services including residential, commercial, business, and emergency locking needs. There are not many locksmith services that can say this and they really do pride themselves on this fact.

Another thing that makes Palmetto Locksmith such a great choice is that they are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services. This ensures that they have to follow strict standards when it comes to the training and experience of their employees. The company prides itself on having a large portion of its employees have at least five years of experience in residential locksmith services and yet one of the few reasons they haven’t become more established nationally is simply because there weren’t enough good locksmith services in Florida. That is no longer an excuse as more people have started choosing Palmetto Locksmith over the competition. Now, more people are calling on the service than ever before because of how quickly they can complete a job, how little they charge, and because of how knowledgeable they truly are when it comes to commercial and residential locksmith services.

This business started in Gainesville, Florida around fourteen years ago and has grown ever since. It has grown into a huge business with locations nationwide. The main headquarters of the company is in Tampa Bay, Florida where it has had a lot of success due to the closeness of the two cities. With that in mind, when you are interested in doing business with Palmetto Locksmith there are several things that you can count on. First of all, you are going to get some great customer service, the technicians are extremely friendly and helpful, the pricing is reasonable, and the response time to an emergency is incredibly fast.

You will also find that Palmetto Locksmith offers a large variety of services. For example, they have many different types of deadbolts for home and business use, commercial doors, car port door locks, and much more. If you have a new lock installed in either your home or business location, you should take a look at what Palmetto Locksmith can do for you. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your property is protected by professionals who are trained and skilled at installing deadbolt locks. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your security needs so you owe it to yourself to hire someone who knows their stuff. There is really no reason to settle for less than the best when it comes to your security.