Make a Photo Keychain

How to Make a Personalised Picture Keychain Charms and Photo Charms for your own personal use, or as a gift for someone else, can turn out to be a fun activity in itself. Why not get creative, make the kids smile with a photo charm or take photos of the family on vacation, and then use these as your personalized photo charms? Here are some ideas for personalized photo charms to share on a Christmas card or holiday greeting.

Picture Keychain

If you have some spare keyring space, you can make a simple photo keyring charm using a small photo frame, a small mirror, a pen, a glue gun, some thread, an eyelet (or two) and an embellishment. If you have lots of room, a big picture keyring charm will be even more impressive and more personalised. Try it on your friends, families or colleagues with fun and festive pictures or themes, or go for some random pictures of places, people, animals etc.

How about making a small keyring chain, with a picture keychain or photo charm, to hang from your lapel? A small keyring chain looks really fashionable, especially when worn with jeans, and will look lovely on any top.

Another fun way of making your own charm is by having a photograph of someone special engraved on them. You could make some photo keyrings with a special message printed on them, such as “To my sweetheart.” Or if you are looking for something more personal, maybe you could create a photo charm with your photo, or perhaps a picture of your baby. Any photograph that you think looks good with the use of your photo software should work, provided you have an appropriate setting for the photo software.

How about creating a photo keyring chain with a photo charm, to give as a gift to someone special? If you have your picture set up on your computer, you can take your picture and save it, edit it, or add to the message.

The keyring chain is a quick and easy way of personalising your keyring. It also makes a great gift, or even as a birthday present. Try taking a series of photos of your kids together, taking some shots of them smiling or laughing or taking a series of photos of them enjoying some activity – this is a great way of remembering all those memorable family experiences, and events.

You can make a photo charm out of almost anything, it’s just a matter of taking the picture, scanning it and pasting the text to the keychain, adding the appropriate text on to the keyring. If you are thinking of buying a charm for a loved one, think about using your favourite photograph, to create the message. You could create a photo charm for a baby with the baby’s name and date of birth, or you could make a photo charm out of a photo of the family pet.

For Christmas, you might want to buy a photo charm to give as a keepsake or for some special occasion, say your child’s first birthday. The possibilities are endless! Have a look around, try something different and unique, take some pictures and make some photo charms.

You don’t need to be the best artist in the world to create your own picture keychain. Even just a picture taken from your camera or a photo of your child on the beach can make a great gift, especially when they are very young.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a way of making your own picture keychain, then look no further than a digital camera. It’s not that difficult and you can easily make a great gift for someone that is special or just to show how much you care. So why not go ahead and give a photo charm to that special someone?

If you don’t know where to start, look online for a photo keychain that you think will look great, with the person that you are wanting to give it to. Or, visit your local craft shop and get some advice from the staff there.